Gary Knight Founder of Knight International 


Gary joined the supercar world at the tender age of 24, when he purchased a rather sad-looking Ferrari 308 GT4, After months of restoration work, he sold it for a tidy profit and naturally continued buying and selling Ferraris.


This led to eager Ferrari buyers asking him to source rare vehicles for them, so he set about cultivating an independent list of Ferraris for sale in the UK. Then the internet age arrived and Gary soon found himself sourcing cars for high-net-worth clients all over the world through his new company,

The rising popularity of supercars brought with it a rise in the number of amateur brokers, most with very little knowledge of how to conduct high-value deals safely and confidentially. The term 'broker' quickly became associated with backyard operators, so Knight International was born.


Gary's 38 years' experience in supercar and hypercar sales has seen Knight International grow to become one of the largest and most successful hypercar brokerage firms in the world. By forming strategic 'insider' partnerships with a number of manufacturers and collectors.