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Gary Knight Founder of Knight International 


Gary joined the supercar world at the tender age of 24, when he purchased a rather sad-looking Ferrari 308 GT4, After months of restoration work, he sold it for a tidy profit and naturally continued buying and selling Ferraris.


This led to eager Ferrari buyers asking him to source rare vehicles for them, so he set about cultivating an independent list of Ferraris for sale in the UK. Then the internet age arrived and Gary soon found himself sourcing cars for high-net-worth clients all over the world through his new company, Supercarbroker.com.


But the rising popularity of supercars brought with it a rise in the number of amateur brokers, most with very little knowledge of how to conduct high-value deals safely and confidentially. The term 'broker' quickly became associated with backyard operators, so Knight International was born.


Gary's 38 years' experience in supercar and hypercar sales has seen Knight International grow to become one of the largest and most successful hypercar brokerage firms in the world. By forming strategic 'insider' partnerships with a number of manufacturers and collectors, Knight International has early access to information regarding upcoming models and can confidently offer a wide range of hypercar and race car build slots.

Gary Knight 1981

Gary Knight 2019

James Knight


Growing up with his father, meant James was never far away from a Ferrari or Lamborghini and soon he become fascinated with cars. By the age of 16 he bought his first motorcycle 2 stroke racer and at 17 his first car, was a Fiat Punto Turbo S, and enjoyed listening to the Turbo sound, as he raced through the streets of Kent UK. 

By the age of 21,He was driving a Lamborghini Gallardo until the engine blew up and quickly traded it in for a Mercedes SL55 F1.


In later years, his passion grew with Ferrari and fell in love with the black Ferrari 458 shown in the photo below. His fondest memory of this car, was driving it over the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland.


James Knight 

James Knight

By the time he was 24, he was living and working in Shenzen in China, 6 years on, he is now living in Shanghai and head of Knight International Sales China and Asia 

His partner Jooeun Kim who was born in Korea, lives and works with James, so they are able to deal with sales in Korea as well as China. James speaks fluent Mandarine and able to assist with Hypercar, Supercar and Racecar sales, shipping, storage and funding in China and Asia.

For any informations, please email me




Kristian Appelt Head of Brabham International Sales. Sales Director of Australia & New Zealand. Global logistics and Automotive Tax related matters.


Kristian left Australia in 1999 to explore the world, working as an English teacher in Japan. A chance meeting with a vehicle export agent led to Kristian working at the Japanese car auctions, exporting Japanese and European sports cars worldwide.


Upon his return to Australia, Kristian studied to become a school principal, but continued moonlighting as a broker, helping family and friends import their own cars. Soon, his side hustle was earning him more money than his regular job, so he quit teaching in 2007 to run his own brokerage business,

Kristian Appelt, Brabham BT62

Kristian Appelt Monaco F1 2019

Over the years, this company grew to incorporate specialised vehicle logistics, print media work, government relations and event support for Porsche and a number of other vehicle manufacturers. His role on the Board of Directors for the association for Australian vehicle importers has been instrumental in changing government legislation, providing new opportunities for hypercar enthusiasts to import and drive their cars on Australian roads.

Kristian joins the Knight International team with a broad range of skills and knowledge that can only come with 20 years of experience in the industry. His eye for detail, outstanding customer service, and passion for all things automotive is second to none. He still has a personal

preference for rare and classic Japanese sports cars, so feel free to ask him about them if you have moment. kristian@knight.international

Scott Oliver Attorney USA and head of Corporate sales 

Scott Oliver joined Knight International in 2019 after being the Lawyer for the Knight family for 6 years. Scott has a keen interest in cars and aircraft and owned his own private jet for many years and knowns as one of the best legal and sales negotiators in the this business.


Principal Areas of Practice: Business transactions, including business law and contracts. Education: B.A. – Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado M.A. – Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado J.D. – University of Denver, Denver, Colorado Professional Affiliations: American Bar Association, Colorado Bar Association, Boulder County Bar Association, Boulder County Bar Foundation, Colorado Municipal League.


Scott was previously an Owner and Officer of National Benefits Partner, LLC from 2000 – 2006. Scott was also a Director with AFLAC from 1991 – 2000.

Scott Oliver Monaco 2019

Scott is a valuable member of the Team and travels to most events and occasions to ensure Knight International are always legally represented and available to answer any legal and contractable matters when asked by our clients. 

Our clients also benefit from Scott's Law Firm Trust fund account, giving them legal protection of their funds during the preparation of the sales agreement  and the safe global transfer of funds to complete the sale securely.

For legal enquiries email legal@knight.international 

Matthew Ainsley UK Sales


Growing up Matthew was never far away from cars and was always seen with the latest car magazine under his arm. Through this passion for cars, he enrolled as an Apprentice Mechanic with Honda. 7 years go by training and qualifying and he decides he has an itch that needs scratching which was working on Supercars.


This is when he started working for Aston Martin. In his element, his passion just grew and grew and from talking to customers about their cars and what other cars they owned and potentially wanted to own, he wanted to help them achieve that goal. And now joining the Knight International team he can do just that.

For sales enquires in the UK please email matthew@knight.international 


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James Knight

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Natchaya Tohardam

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Gary Knight

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Jooeun Kim

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Scott Oliver 

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Social Media Marketing 

Shakil Chandran

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Escrow & Foreign Exchange 

Andy Dyer

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