Knight International Cobra GT-R  (700bhp) $90,000 USD      


We are just weeks away from completing our Cobra GT-R which is being built by our own engineers in South Africa. You are able to spec your own Cobra GT-R to any colour and spec of your choice, including wheels, colour and interior.


The car is finished at the highest standard and unlike any other Cobra ever to be offered on the open market. The car is powered by an Edelbrock Supercharged 5.0L Ford Coyote crate engine that produces an incredible 785 hp and 660 ft-lbs. of torque (with 93 octane fuel) at the flywheel. 

Cobra GT-R Engine


The core of this engine is a brand new Ford aluminium block built for high-performance applications. The lightweight aluminium block features a forged and balanced crankshaft, forged Manley H-Beam connecting rods and Mahle forged aluminium pistons.


The 9.5:1 compression ratio allows for safe and reliable supercharged performance on 91 octane pump gas. Sitting on top is an Edelbrock E-Force supercharger with Eaton TVS R2650 rotors.


Also included are the essential supercharger components such as the 8 rib belt drive, electric intercooler water pump, intercooler plumbing and intercooler recovery tank, as well as fuel rails, 60 lb./hr. fuel injectors, coils, mass airflow sensor (MAFS) housing and reusable air filter. Includes all front end drive accessories: water pump, alternator, idlers, tensioners, belts and hardware. Pair with universal heat exchangers for a complete installation.

Engine Specifications: • Finish: Black powder coated • Displacement: 5.0L (302 c.i.d.) • Horsepower: 785 hp • Torque: 660 ft-lbs. • Compression: 9.5:1 • Block: Ford Aluminum • Crankshaft: Forged • Pistons: Mahle Forged Aluminum • Rods: Manley Forged H-Beam • Camshafts: Stock Ford • Rocker Arms: Stock Ford 2-1 Ratio • Induction: E-Force Supercharger System • Cylinder Heads: Stock Four-Valve Aluminum w/ Boss 302 valve springs • Warranty: 2-year / Unlimited mileage

Paddle Shift Gearbox & Racing Steering Wheel



The PCS Paddle Shifter provides upshift and downshift commands to a PCS transmission controller, a PCS GSM push-button shifter, or a GM mechatronic transmission such as the 6L80. The paddle shifter is available for either 5/6-bolt or 9-bolt steering columns.


The paddle shifter communicates wirelessly to a receiver module that interfaces the CAN network. The wireless communication drastically simplifies the wiring, requiring only the horn wire to be used to power the paddle shifter.


The paddles were precisely engineered to provide a positive detent feel the moment the switch is activated to eliminate any guessing when the transmission was commanded to shift.

Cobra GT-R Wheels & Tyres


Knight International offers a wide range of Wheels and Tyres to suit your own personal taste, we can even design a unique one off set of wheels, including full carbon wheels or paired forged alloys with or without knock-on fitting.


We can fit a range of high-performance tyres, including low profile tyres.

Cobra GT-R Suspension 


Coilovers 24-Ways Adjustable Suspension Kit. Base Cobra Coupe 2-Door Damper Shocks Absorber. Also with a front lift kit.

Cobra GT-R Seats


We offer a large selection of Cobra seats in any colour of your choice, including 4 part harness in Red, Black, Yellow or Blue.

Hi-Back fully adjustable or Low-Back traditional Cobra-style seats. The interior comes with a full carbon dashboard with digital and analogue instruments and coloured dials.

The chassis in stainless steel with BMW running gear with dual-drilled disk brakes or option ceramic brakes

King Cobra GT500

King Cobra GT500 $80,000 USD. The King Cobra GT500 is a tamer version of the GT-R, fitted with a 500bhp V8 engine, 18" painted forged alloy wheels and retro Cobra seats and adjustable suspension with a front left kit

Finished in satin artic green with contrasting side panel strips. The yellow halo LED lights and gold number bars gives this King Corba a unique look, that's like no other Cobra. The green twin side pipes enhance the look and the produces an amazing sound

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