Knight International are delighted to offer a selection of Ford GT's all with delivery mileage and ready for export from $850,000 USD with no restriction. We also have a new 2020 Heritage model with a low premium


Ford GT 2020 also has a maximum power of up to 13 horsepower, which is a result of improvements to the piston and the installation of a more powerful ignition coil. Including installing the Akrapovic exhaust kit as standard equipment Helps to reduce weight and increase engine noise to make it louder. 

There is also a design for air intake and intercooler to be larger to increase the efficiency of cooling. And the suspension in Track mode, which Ford says helps increase road grip while "Use high speed on closed tracks"


The production line of the Ford GT will be discontinued in 2022. Ford itself is quite limited to customers of this car, so it is almost impossible to walk into the showroom to buy this car.


In addition, Ford forced customers to sign a contract to prevent re-sales for a period of 2 years from the date of receiving the car. That means that the first lot of cars started to enter the second-hand market. (With a price that is more expensive than the red label) To find out more give us a call or email


We have two in house Lawyers

one EU and the other USA who handle all our contracts and payments

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