Knight International are delighted to offer a selection of McLaren Senna;s both European and  USA models.


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The McLaren Senna is named after one of Formula 1’s most iconic drivers; Ayrton Senna and like Ayrton this model is truly unique.

The Senna is the newest member of the McLaren Ultimate series family, and the boldest yet. Taking the track-experience to the extreme, McLaren deliver the purest connection between driver and machine. With the fastest lap times of any McLaren to-date the Senna is sure to get you from A to B in record time.


A car born of the track and legalised for the road makes for any car enthusiasts dream, with only 500 vehicles set to be made the Senna is an exclusive club you want to be a part of.


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one EU and the other USA who handle all our contracts and payments

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